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Journey of a School Bag

From the time you buy the Bag and fill it with the gifts till the time it reaches the hands of a needy child it goes through a journey.



The School Bag Project team prepares much before even a single bag is packed. We reach out to potential partner churches and organizations working in developing countries of the World. We shortlist based on the few parameters (Financial Accountability, Christian Values and Track record). The list of Children who will recieve the school bag is finalized with their details (Age and Gender). We as a team pray for each of the Child who will receive the bag. We also pray that God would do a deep work in the heart of the  donors who would sponsor these bags.


Packing the School Bag

The Packing process includes the following steps.

    1. Deciding the Age group and Gender of the Child
    2. Buying the bag
    3. Buying school supplies and other gifts that would fill the bag
    4. Write a small note to the child who would receive the bag.
    5. You have an option to place a small family/group photo in the bag. This would make the Child who receives the bag to put a face to the donor.
    6. Place a return card with your address. In case the Child is able to write a small thank you note we can send it to you. 

Collecting the School Bags

 Once you are ready with the School Bag you can drop them of at the participating Church or at the School Bag Project office. From the drop-off point/collection centre the bags are taken to the Central Processing Centres before they are sent to their final destination.  

Finalizaing the School Bag

Before the School bags are sent to the Childrenn they are checked once to ensure they comply with the customs and regulations of the destination country. The volunteers check the bags for the last time before they are consolidated and bulk-packed for shipment.

Transporting the School Bags

 The School Bag lots are then transported by Road, Rail, Air, Sea to the destination country. Finally it is delivered to the local Church/Partner organization which would distribute them to the Children. 

Distributing the School Bag

Finally your School Bag reaches the hands of a needy Child in some corner of the world. As it reaches the hands of the child it gladens the heart and puts a smile on the face.

  • Lively and creative program for distributing the school bag is organised in the School/Church/Community
  • Presentation of the Gospel by the Local Church or the Partner Chritian Organization
  • School bags are given unconditionally
  • Whereever possible the Children are given a copy of the Bible in their local language along with some childrens gospel material.